Friday, August 23, 2013

Love, Cake & Blessedness

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. I tend to agree. One need only flip through a family photo album and instantaneously find themselves filled with thousands of words, memories and stories to share. Russian author, Ivan Turgenev, wrote, "A picture shows me at a glance what it takes dozens of pages of a book to expound."

August is a big birthday month for our family. Both of my boys, Jack and Joseph, have August birthdays, and so do I. My friend, Susan, snapped this photo last weekend. The picture takes my breath away and gives joy to my heart all at the same time. One of my friends said the photo speaks, "love" (as in Joseph loves his momma) and "cake" (as in Jack loves his cake!). Others have commented with regard to the photo, "perfection", "framer", "magazine worthy", and "cute". But of the thousands of words this particular photo conjures up, the one that sums them all up for me is, "blessed"....

Do you see those two precious boys in the photo? I am blessed. Those are my two healthy, thriving, spunky, loves their momma and loves their cake babies. One of them had heart surgery at 14 months of age. The other, we were told, would need a heart transplant at birth. Praise God he did not.  You see them there? They are alive and well. Their hearts are healthy. They are healthy. I am blessed.

Do you notice the woman in the photo? I am that woman, and I am blessed. I just turned 39 years young. Seven years ago, I was fighting for life, filling out a living will and writing letters to my babies in the event I didn't make it through my battle with cancer. Now, I'm a cancer survivor celebrating life with those I love most. I am blessed.

Can you spy the pearl earrings in my ears? I am blessed. My husband gave me those earrings. I wore them 19 years ago on our wedding day. Each time I place them in my ears, I am reminded of his love for me and of our promise to one another till death do us part. Marriage is hard work, but we are willing to work at what God has joined together. I am loved and I am blessed.

Did you spot the cake on the table? I am blessed. The cake was made by someone who cares about me and my family. Someone who doesn’t have to, but chooses to selflessly give and invest in my life and my family. My heart is full and its brokenness is restored because of friends like that. I am blessed.

Did you catch sight of the smile on my face? I am blessed. The smile is that of a woman filled with hope and faith...a woman saved by grace and loved beyond measure by One who laid His life down for her own. Every good and perfect thing in my life is because of Him. 

"Every good gift bestowed, every perfect gift received, comes to us 
from above, courtesy of the Father of lights...." – James 1:17

Because of Him and Him alone, I am blessed. 

Most gracious Lord, thank You for the blessing of life and for every good and perfect gift You give. May every snapshot of my life, reflect Your love and Your blessings. I am blessed because of You.

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