Thursday, April 14, 2022


I am so thankful to see the beauty of spring popping up all around me! Spring is my favorite of all the seasons – when God awakens all that slumbered with new life, new breath, and His vibrant pallet of pastels and greens. Such an undeniable and glorious display of the restoration and miracles of new beginnings that only God can bring.

It’s been quite some time since I last touched base and well,…we have got some catching up to do! So, let me take just a bit to get you up to speed on all that has been happening in our little neck of the woods. I am also including a few photo snapshots of our lives over the past year.

My babies are growing up! Jack is wrapping up his first year of college. He is a double major, studying history and archaeology – two of his very favorite things. College life suits him well and we look forward to seeing him as often as his busy schedule allows. Jack recently had a great opportunity to be part of a mission trip to Piedras Negras, Mexico. He had an amazing time serving the people of that area, making wonderful memories with great friends, and growing in his relationship with Christ. Nothing bring this mama heart of mine greater joy than seeing my children walk in the Lord.  I pray continually that both of them will be mighty men of God and seek Him first in all they do.  

Joseph is living his best life. He got his driver’s license last year and is working part time at a local pizza restaurant. He loves his job and the people with whom he works. Owning his own pizza restaurant (Little Joe’s Pizza!) has been a dream of his for quite some time. This job has been a fantastic opportunity to learn and to grow his knowledge and skills in that regard.  Speaking of growing, Joe has completely surpassed me in height and towers almost a foot above me – he comes in quite handy when I can’t reach items on high shelves! Joe will be a junior in high school this fall. It is such a tremendous privilege to watch both my boys grow and fulfill God’s purpose for their lives. I am forever grateful God chose me to be their mom.

Todd has been fortunate to continue working from home – a tremendous blessing to our family in many ways.  In May, we celebrate 28 years of marriage! We plan to celebrate with a trip to our favorite respite, Pensacola Beach, Florida. Our dearest friends, Jeff and Melanie, will join us and celebrate their own marriage milestone of 25 years!

Speaking of milestones, I am still in remission! This fall will mark three years since I underwent chemotherapy for stage IV bladder cancer. Many recurrences tend to happen within the first three years following treatment. Admittedly, since my diagnosis, I have struggled to believe I might survive this cancer. Yet, as time marches on, the odds continue to increase favorably in that regard. So, for the first time in nearly three years, I am starting to dip my toes in the water and slowly wade into the idea that God might keep me here a little longer.  

I am not the person I once was and while I feel I have little to nothing to offer, God is able to use what I do have and He makes it enough. He makes ME enough, and He makes YOU enough too. He’s pretty cool like that. So, I’m just gonna wade in the baby pool with my floaties for a while, but the depth and size of the pool doesn’t matter – it’s the surrender and getting in that does. Just as God awakens and restores His creation in spring, so He is awakening and restoring me. 

Oh Lord, please don’t let me pee in this pool while I’m learning to swim again!
Help me to accept the person you have created me to be, in each and every season, and help me to let you lead as I wade deeper into the waters of this life.
For all I have, and all I am, in you alone, Lord, is more than enough.

A few months ago, I began volunteering a few hours each week at one of our local high schools – filing music and offering up support and encouragement to the band students and staff. I cannot begin to tell you the joy and worth this little venture has given me.  I have something to offer! It’s not much, but God has made it enough. He has taken the abilities I have right this very moment and is using them to fill my needs and the needs of others.  Thank you, Lord.

In chapter 9 of the Gospel of Luke, you will find one of several mentions of Jesus feeding the five thousand.  In a rather remote area, a large crowd had gathered around Jesus and the disciples.  Jesus welcomed and ministered to the crowd, but as the daylight hours began to wane, the disciples suggested Jesus send the crowd to find lodging and food for the night.

“He replied, ‘You give them something to eat.’” – Luke 9:13

The disciples only had about five loaves of bread and two fish – hardly a sufficient amount to feed themselves, much less a crowd of five thousand! Yet while the disciples focused their attention on what they didn’t have and couldn’t offer, Jesus took what they did have and made it more than enough. Jesus made the difference the disciples couldn’t make on their own, and He is still in the business of making the difference you and I can’t make on our own as well.

Offer Him what you have. JESUS IS ALWAYS ENOUGH.

“They all ate and were satisfied, and the disciples picked up twelve basketfuls of broken pieces that were left over.” – Luke 9:17

Wishing you and your loved one a wonderful Easter. May you know and enjoy the blessings of Christ and the fullness of life He has to offer today and always.

Much love,